There are two main reasons why all our print work offered to our clients is trusted to UAB Judex spauda. Firstly, all the orders are processed quickly and the final product is always of the highest quality. And secondly, they provide professional counselling on printing options and layout issues.

We committed all our print work for the professional team of specialists at UAB Judex spauda. We appreciated quick and quality work, and especially the attention paid to us as a client, therefore we intend to continue to cooperate with this company in the future.

Saulius Akelaitis,
Director of UAB Lacio

File preparation for printing

We accept files in PDF (Portable Document Format) format – only the documents of this type are suitable for further examination, dividing into quires and RIPing into printing plates. In order to avoid errors during the printing process, PDF files must meet the following requirements:


  • The PDF files submitted must be composite, i.e. containing all the color information in one file, free from control strips or register crosses, and not mirrored.
  • Color mode in the files must be CMYK or PANTONE. Never submit files containing RGB colors!
  • Resolution of illustrations must be 300dpi.
  • Black text on a colored background must contain only black color, i.e. C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-100 with the Overprint mode set.
  • Leave bleeds of 3-5 mm all around the document. For stapled brochures, the requirement is 5 mm.
  • Avoid graphics closer than 3 mm to die cut edges.
  • The prepared files must contain all the used scripts and illustrations (embedded). In case an open file (Illustrator or Corel) is submitted instead of PDF, the scripts may be converted into curves.
  • If creasing marks are requires, these must be marked in the gutter area in a distance of 5 mm.

 Double check before submitting the PDF files. Any error left may prolong the printing process and/or influence the quality of the final product.


Review the files visually with the help of Overprint Preview mode (Adobe Reader: Edit - > Preferences - > Page Display - > Overprint preview)


Files may be submitted in a TIF format also, however, you must Flatten Image before saving. Always use the Multiply option for Black text layer (K).


If you do not have the experience or the ability to prepare PDF files properly, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you.

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