There are two main reasons why all our print work offered to our clients is trusted to UAB Judex spauda. Firstly, all the orders are processed quickly and the final product is always of the highest quality. And secondly, they provide professional counselling on printing options and layout issues.

We committed all our print work for the professional team of specialists at UAB Judex spauda. We appreciated quick and quality work, and especially the attention paid to us as a client, therefore we intend to continue to cooperate with this company in the future.

Saulius Akelaitis,
Director of UAB Lacio

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Labels: punched, adhesive, containing holes, etc.


Type of paper:

offset, coated matted/glossy, card-board, sticker, special label paper, self-copy.


Paper thickness:

depending on the types of paper and the type of label.


Paper sizes:

on request.



CMYK, Pantone printing, there is a possibility to apply protective glossy/matted dispersive coating.


Additional services:

engraving, cutting, hole making, clinching, rounding off, perforation, etc.


Production time:

3 – 5 business days from the day the layout is confirmed and submitted.




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