“Searching for quality and timely working printing house we tried out many printing-houses. After we have printed a brochure at Judex, afterwards we have ordered another one, and still another one, and eventually Judex became our “staff” printing-house: all the works ordered are always high-quality and timely done. It is worth noting that prices at Judex are really attractive and competitive – very rarely other printing-houses can offer the same or lower prices. Threfore we recommend Judex as a trustworthy and reliable partner".

Vytautas Žydonis,
Manager of UAB Krinona

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Type of paper:



Paper thickness:

80/90/100 g/m2.


Paper sizes:

A7 (74x105 mm), A6 (105x148 mm), A5 (148x210 mm), A4 (210x297 mm). Also, various non-standard flyer sizes are available.



usually single-coloured, two-coloured and multi-coloured.



single edge gluing, spiral binding, cover binding, containing perforations to strip off.


Production time:

3 – 6 business days from the day the layout is confirmed and submitted.





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